Three Questions to Ask Before 2016

I like to ask myself questions at the end of the year. This ritual of reflection can be difficult because some years do not provide easy answers. But often the process of trying to name answers to my questions creates helpful internal dialogue.

Sometimes wrestling with various questions may help you to see how far you have come over the course of the year. 

Three Questions to Ask Before 2016

  • What was your high of 2015? 
    Was there a "win" for the year? Was there a theme in your life that brought you great joy? Was there a season or moment that you are most proud of? 
  • What was your low of 2015?
    Was there a hardship or loss during the year? Was there a season of grief or heartache that is larger than others? Was there a difficulty that taught you a lesson during this year? 
  • What do you want out of 2016?
    What are you hopeful for in this next year? What would you want your "win" or "high" to be at the end of 2016? What do you dream will happen in the next year of your life? 

Wrestle with these questions. Write the answers down. You may be surprised by what you learn about 2015. Even better, you might be surprised by where you want to go in 2016.

After you put down some answers, think about sharing your thoughts with a friend over a meal. Consider posting them on a bathroom mirror so they are visible through the year. By keeping these questions and answers in front of you then you are better able to see where you have been and where you are going. 

If beginning to see a counselor or therapist in Nashville is something you want out of 2016, please contact I am happy to help you wrestle with these questions and maybe even discover some new ones.