Self-Care Saturday: A Self-Care Holiday Wish List

Self-Care Christmas List

'Tis the season to be really busy. Holiday parties, Christmas shopping, and traveling often fill up the month of December. Personally, the month of December is one of the most stressful seasons every year. But the stress does not have to get the best of you, especially if you take some time to take care of you. Here are ten self-care presents you can give to yourself this year:

  1. Massage - Need I say more? 
  2. Fitbit - I added this to my self-care practice this year. It is an external motivator to stay active. 
  3. Adult Coloring Book - Yes, this is a thing now. And yes, they are amazing. Coloring is a great mindfulness practice. 
  4. Yoga Mat - Yoga can be a restorative process to help you reconnect to your body.  
  5. Meal Planning/Delivery - If finding time to cook nutritious foods is one of your self-care red flags then you may want to check out Blue Apron or Plan to Eat. (Ps. None of these are advertisements. They are just ideas).  
  6. Writing Journal - Maybe you want to track your highs and lows for the year. Maybe use it as a gratitude journal. Maybe you need a safe place to process your thoughts. 
  7. Art Journal - Maybe writing is not your thing and you prefer to sketch instead. If so, then you might check out Brené Brown's go at your own pace art journaling course
  8. Bath Salts - A good soak in the tub is a great ritual to end your day. 
  9. Candles - Maybe this is the year to burn that luxury candle
  10. Flowers - I am a huge fan of practicing deep breathing in the presence of fresh flowers. Can you believe people will just deliver them to your house? 

Did anything on the list peak your interest? Consider adding it to your wish list. Even better, think of someone in your life who might need some self-care and get that gift for them. 

One final idea. Maybe this year's holiday season is not about what you can buy. Maybe just being fully present in the company of loved ones is the best you can give and receive this season. 

If you are looking to give yourself the gift of going to counseling in Nashville, then send me an email at Looking forward to hearing what made it onto your Christmas wish list. 

A Fully Present Christmas