Self-Care Saturday: Settling The Sounds

Self-Care Nashville

Every day is full of noise. Your television, the radio, your conversations, and nature only begin to fill our ears with everyday sounds. While all of those sounds may fill your life with positives experiences, more and more people are looking for countercultural quiet spaces. This week’s experiments help cultivate quiet spaces where you can truly let go of the noises that fill your life. 

These two self-care concepts work together and are considered important spiritual practices.  Solitude is about making space. Silence is about getting quiet. When you enter into times of solitude and silence you do so with hope and trust that God will speak, convict, and change us.  Solitude and silence may seem daunting or strange for some of you. These practices are difficult for many people as they begin to practice them. Do not feel pressure to get solitude and silence “right.” It is a practice and not meant to be something that you do perfectly. 

Ruth Haley Barton paints a beautiful image of what solitude and silence can look and feel like. She describes one way to think of this time is to imagine a mason jar filled with sand and water. When you shake a mason jar there is a blurry mix of elements making it impossible to see clearly. It is only when you set down the jar and let the sand settle that you are able to see with clarity. 

Solitude and silence serve a similar function. This time is about getting alone with God, letting the various elements of our lives settle, so that you can see and hear God more clearly. This time is a precious gift because we rarely take the initiative to stop, settle, and listen for God. 

Where in your week can you practice solitude and silence? Cutting the grass? Driving to work? In the morning before the rest of your household wakes up? It is amazing to think what you may see if the “sand” of your life settled and you were able to see your life more clearly. 

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