Self-Care Saturday: Creating Space for Reflection

Self-Care Saturdays | Nashville Counseling

Creating space for reflection can be one of the best tools for self-care. But slowing down and quieting your mind may be difficult. Removing yourself from the hustle of daily life may seem like an unnecessary step. Yet, often that step of creating quiet space provides a new level of creativity and thought. (Maybe this is why people say they do their best thinking in the shower). Here are some questions to reflect on this week in your quiet space. Your reflections can help re-channel your energy to produce deeper richness through the day. 

Sacred Space  is a powerful daily prayer book. 

Sacred Space is a powerful daily prayer book. 

When are you feeling more hopeful? 
Where are you being encouraged? 
How are you growing in life-giving ways?                                                                                             In what activities or occasions are you using your strengths? 
Which of your relationships give you the most life and hope? 

After reflecting on these questions consider how you can make more space for these life-giving experiences and relationships. Part of creating this space will require saying "no" to something (and people) in order to say "yes" to more fruitful ways of being. Consider how you might change your daily or weekly rhythm to intentionally incorporate these practices.