Self-Care Saturday: Three Steps to Begin Caring for Yourself

Self Care Saturday edited.jpg

Self-care matters. If you want to know why, then make sure you check out my post from last week.  Today, I want to share three more ideas to add to your “taking care of yourself” toolbox.  

1. Start a gratitude journal. 

Buy a new journal and write in it (or use the one you bought and never opened). Every night before bed write 3 things for which you are grateful. Adding gratitude into your sleep routine helps you to enter rest with positives in your mind. Yes, there may be days when you cannot muster three life-giving areas of your life. But even finding one part of your life that you are grateful for helps shift you towards more positive thinking.  Check out some of the science behind keeping a gratitude journal. 

2. Schedule time to worry.

You wake up in the middle of the night and your mind starts to race. You think, “Did I take the trash out? Is my office door locked? Will Olivia Pope choose Fitz after all?” Your mind races through work stressors, relationship issues, and financial struggles. So what should you do with all these midnight distractions? Strange as it may sound you can schedule a time to worry. Slow your thoughts by thinking, “I will worry about this at 11:00 am tomorrow.” Pick a time that works for you to worry. In fact, write it in your calendar and reschedule it. You can choose to make your midnight worries into tomorrow's middle of the day worries so you can go back to sleep. 

3. Get outside. 

Get outside now! Spring is coming so go for a walk, go for a run, plan a picnic lunch, or read in a hammock. The sun is waiting for you. In fact, one way to enjoy the sun while you are outside is this exercise.  Start by paying attention to the sun on your skin. Pay attention to the way the warmth of the sun starts at your head and moves all the way down to your feet. Notice how the light feels on your nose, mouth, hands, and legs. How do you feel after you scanned your body? You can answer that question in your gratitude journal! 

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